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Friday, August 05, 2005

If Jim Gilchrist Runs For the 48th Then........

I will support him 100%(hat tip to Richard Saunders at OC Courant). John Campbell is a nice guy and has been a good representative for central Orange County in the state legislature, but I would like to shake things up a bit in Washington DC. Jim Gilchrist would be just the guy to do that. I believe Mr Campbell would just go to DC and become part of the "club". He's all money and no message. If he ends up winning, I won't be disappointed, but I think by electing Jim we could send a huge message that illegal immigration is the number one issue right now. The PR alone that Jim has gotten from the minuteman project has been invaluable. He is media saavy. I see him going back to DC and getting in the face of all the mexican socialist congressmen back there(i.e Sanchez sisters, Joe Baca, Xavier Bacerra, Hilda Solis, etc). Heck if Jim runs he'll have a 50,000 watt megaphone from John & Ken at KFI any time he wants it. All that free earned media almost singlehandedly sunk David Dreier this last time around. Here is Jim Gilchrist's webpage. Please click on the link and urge him to run if you haven't yet. Marilyn who?????


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