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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

John & Ken Warming To Jim Gilchrist.....

And so are all the KFI callers from the district! You couldn't pay for a better campaign commercial and Jim Gilchrist just received thousands of dollars in free great publicity and we are just getting started! They are still talking about the upcoming race as I write this. If the first couple of callers are any indication, there is about to be a huge wave sweeping Jim Gilchrist into office. I wrote about this earlier today in my last post. People like John Campbell. He is the prototypical GOP Congressional nominee, but the public wants to see action on illegal immigration and Jim Gilchrist is so far getting the most support. This is exciting. I told everyone here that this would happen :) In fact in the segment they just did, seven out of seven callers(all republicans) are voting for Jim Gilchrist. I received a John Campbell announcement/fundraising letter in today's mail and I just filed it in the circular file without a second thought. During the last minute of the segment, they talked about having a California Border Police initiative petition signing in the district and maybe a debate between the two candidates. Marilyn who? That pin you hear dropping is Marilyn Brewer's campaign generating zero interest.

This is another reason I like Jim.....his sense of humor!! That picture is hilarious


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