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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Back From Arizona

I am back after a few days of vacation out in southern Arizona. My wife and I were out in Scottsdale for a night and then two days down in Green valley near Tucson. I got to give my new Toyota Tacoma a good 4x4 workout on some of the back roads of southeastern Arizona. I also saw lots of Border Patrol agents down there which was a pleasant sight. Those guys have a thankless, but very important job. I was listening to John & Ken yesterday on the way back in to socal and they were talking about how a Carlsbad school superintendent canceled a town hall type meeting on immigration with Tom Tantredo, state sen. Bill Morrow, and Jim Gilchrist because he was afraid of damage to the school and that he had received threats from the open borders crowd that they were going to cause a disturbance if said group was allowed to go ahead with their meeting. Well luckily for the meeting organizers, there's a thing called the first amendment to the US Constitution. The Supreme Court has found that you can't shut down a public because of perceived threats or real threats. In fact the words they used I believe were "it is in the interest of the first amendment that people be made to feel umcomfortable with certain speech" or something like that. Hopefully the judge will let the meeting go forward. The other side of this issue seems afraid of a little healthy debate on illegal immigration.


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