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Thursday, May 15, 2014

5th District Supe Mail Update and Lisa Bartlett Mailer Lie

Two pieces of 5th District OC Supe mail to post. I finally got one from Lisa Bartlett(no relation) and another from Frank Ury. This past Saturday Lynn and I hosted Robert Ming at house for a neighborhood coffee event and then we went out walked a few precincts in my area. I'm gonna guess the runoff will be Robert versus Frank in Nov. Lastly I wanna comment on something Councilwoman Bartlett put on her mailer. It says "the endorsed conservative Republican" along with our party symbol on it. The county party has NOT endorsed in this race. She has flat out lied on her mailer. I think an ethics complaint is in order here. Just another example of consultants lying, cheating, and stealing to win. Shame on them.


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