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Thursday, May 22, 2014

74th AD Mail And Race Update

Three more mailers from the 74th AD hit the box while I was gone. There was one positive piece from Keith Curry touting his Irvine endorsements. We had one positive piece from Emanuel Patrascu and a negative one against Curry by Patrascu. The positive one was a dupe to my wife of the Berlin Wall mailer I had earlier received. No mail from Matthew Harper. My thinking has stayed the same in the race. I believe this will be an R versus R runoff in November between Keith Curry and Emanuel Patrascu. If that happens, I would give Patrascu a great shot to win the race. He guided Travis Allen's campaign in the R versus R Assembly race last cycle and therefore has lots of experience in this dynamic. I view Keith Curry in a similar light with Troy Edgar who has every advantage in the race, but managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. He had bad consultants(Brett Barbre among others) and was arrogant and complacent.

Lastly I will comment about one of the Dems Karina Onofre. She has put up signs with her picture on it all over the district. This is a net negative in my opinion. It's a really bad picture and just strikes me as a really narcissistic thing to do. I wonder how she is doing registering all those 60k unregistered persons that she boasted about in the Feet To The Fire forum. Oh and her ridiculous press releases promising to help bring the Clippers to OC are hilarious. Sometimes I wonder if she is doing this race as a goof(as Howard Stern would put it).


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