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Thursday, May 29, 2014

74th AD Mail.....Final Push

It's been about a week since my last 74th AD mail update. Well there's been a lot more to report on in the last week. Our household received three pieces from Patrascu and one piece from Curry that is a fold over, i.e four pages. As far as the content of the mailers, I noticed that Emanuel uses the non trademarked GOP Elephant with two stars instead of the usual three to indicate who he is endorsed by. As I commented in a recent post about Lisa Bartlett, I believe this is deceptive and this type of thing has been admonished previously by the County Party Ethics Comm. I doubt we'll see a complaint though because at this stage of the game, the die has been cast pretty much. Curry's mailer is part positive and part negative. The negative part uses classic grainy black and white photos of his main GOP opponents Matt Harper and Emanuel Patrascu. He slams them for things like "not being real businessmen" and "this will be their highest paying job". Interesting that he chose to hit Matt Harper who has done no mail except for some slates. One gets the sense from Curry's campaign that he has a huge sense of entitlement to this seat. It's looking more and more like an R versus R runoff in Nov between Patrascu and Curry. We'll know for sure in about five more days. Without further ado, here's the mailers....


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