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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Irvine School Board Special Election Update

The race to fill a vacancy on the Irvine School Board is almost complete. This was created when Gavin Huntley Fenner resigned back at the beginning of this year and Ira Glasky was appointed to serve out the vacancy. Fast forward to today. Larry Agran recruited and agitated for a special election instead of letting Ira Glasky serve out the term. By doing this, Larry cost the School District and the city an extra couple hundred thousand that could have been spent on more productive things like oh maybe classrooms! That's just how Larry rolls though. He always puts his own self interest over the community and has done for his whole tenure as Councilman.

The Glasky mailer shown here was funneled through Sacramento consultant Dave Gilliard's shadowy "CA Homeowners Assn".

The person Larry recruited to run in this election is Carolyn Inmon. She is a nice lady who used to be a registered Republican and even ran for the OC GOP Central Committee a few years ago when I first ran I believe. Alas she has returned to her roots of a liberal as many people who know her better have told me. The only reason she became a Republican when she moved to Irvine was to try and get stealthily elected to something with her stealthy liberal views. So far our household has received three mail pieces from Inmon and one from Ira Glasky. I'm in the process of still researching where Mrs Inmon received her money for this mail. I suspect it is from Larry's cronies. For the record, I support and already voted for Ira Glasky. My educated guess is that Ira Glasky will be elected with over 50% of the vote on June 3rd.


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