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Monday, November 01, 2004

Everyone Ready For Tomorrow ?

I sure am. I have a lot of nervous energy right now. I am feeling very good about Bush's chances. I hope everyone who can vote, does vote. I think it's great that they say we're supposed to have a higher than normal turnout. So without further ado, here are my recommendations for Irvine/Orange County/California voters.

For Irvine City Council:
Mayor Mike Ward, City Council: Greg Smith, Mike House, Steve Choi
Irvine School Board: Carolyn McInnerty, Sue Kawabara, Mr. Parham
State Senate 35th: John Campbell State Assembly 70th: Chuck DeVore

Prop 1A - NO
Prop 59 - YES
Prop 60 - YES
Prop 60A - YES
Prop 61 - NO say no to more bond debt
Prop 62 - NO just no to Louisiana style open primary
Prop 63 - NO
Prop 64 - YES please end lawsuit abuse
Prop 65 - NO
Prop 66 - NO please no to get out of jail early for hardened criminals
Prop 67 - NO
Prop 68 - NO Indian casinos run amok
Prop 69 - YES
Prop 70 - NO another bad Indian proposition
Prop 71 - NO stem cell research is promising, but no to more bond debt
Prop 72 - NO a massive tax increase for small business


  • At 12:28 PM, Blogger Reaganesque said…

    Any predictions?

  • At 12:50 PM, Blogger Allan Bartlett said…

    I'm going to post my final predictions tomorrow morning Brittany after I see the last poll numbers. Right now I am off to go knocking on more doors to get all of our GOP voters to the polls.


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