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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Mission Accomplished

Wow, what a night last night. I ended up doing some last minute GOTV for The Irvine Republicans and I finished up at about 5pm and went back home to watch the returns. Earlier in the day I, like many Republicans were a little disturbed by the early exit polls, but I was watching the futures closely and I knew that Bush had a lead of 55-44 going into election day, so I was always optimistic. Once again, the futures contracts don't lie, but exit polls do. The mainstream media might as well start from scratch on exit polls because it is quite obvious that they had a huge Democratic bias.

This is a historic opportunity to govern now for Bush and the Republicans. We still don't have enough Senators to stop a Democratic filibuster, but getting a net gain of four seats yesterday sure didn't suck. We also picked up about five seats in the House. This makes Nancy Pelosi and her caucus basically irrelevant now. In California, the picture was decidedly more mixed. We didn't pick up any seats in the legislature, but that's okay because Arnold has said that redistricting will be one of his biggest priorities for the next election. We defeated Prop 66, which would have been the biggest get out jail free in our history had it passed. We also defeated runaway Indian gaming. We said no to prop 72 and yes to prop 64 which were job killers. Kerry did win California as expected, but we gave Bush 4.5 million votes to add to his historic total of over 59 million votes.


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