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Monday, November 08, 2004

Give Senator Specter A Chance

After a little reflection I have come to the conclusion that Senator Specter should be given the opportunity to chair the judiciary committee. This goes against my gut feel and better judgement about the situation, but as long as he is pledging not to block any votes on Bush's nominations, that's about all we can ask of the RINO senator. We need to keep him on a tight leash though. The memory of Robert Bork is seared into the minds of many conservatives and will never go away. If the senator waffles on his pledge about giving everyone an up or down vote then the GOP caucus can deal with that situation if it arises, but right now I see no need to inflame the RINOs. We will need them to help break Democratic filibusters.


  • At 12:19 PM, Blogger Budgie Bird said…

    I hope your decision on this one proves to be correct.
    If the rumors are correct, we can expect another bloodbath confirmation hearding if & when W nominates my personal favorite, Justice Clarence Thomas, to replace the ailing William Rehnquist as Chief Justice. I would hate to see the Republicans turn on each other so soon after the election! We need to focus our enegry on defeating the Dems!

    Oh well, time will tell as they say.


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