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Monday, October 06, 2014

More Irvine City Council Mail

Before I get into the latest mailers from the Irvine candidates for City Council, there was an incident up here in Turtle Rock where I live having to do with the campaign. Basically a bunch of Choi, Schott, and Lalloway signs were stolen and/or tampered with yesterday. A neighbor told me he had seen some kind of Agran campaign event over by the Nature Center. Memo to Larry: please tell your supporters to stop stealing our side's signs.

Here's the latest mail I have received from the campaigns sans another fake newspaper. The Agran mailers get me very upset because of the huge lying going on. His slate is responsible for all the high rise condos and apartments and subsequent traffic we now have in Irvine. Any narrative saying otherwise is a flat out lie. He had control of the council for the last 12 years.


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