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Monday, October 23, 2006

More Irvine Political Mail

There were three more mail pieces today supporting Team Irvine that arrived in the Bartlett mailbox. One was a Prop 90 slate mail piece hammering Beth, Sukhee, and Mary Ann for their opposition to Prop 90. Keep it up guys whoever you are. Another pro Team Irvine piece was a mailer from the county GOP(thank you again Scott Baugh ). Lastly the county party mailed out an invitation to the election night party with a detachable postcard for people to mail in if they want to help volunteer with our state of the art GOTV operation. There was one Hometown Crony Guide piece, but it's not important because Irvine Republicans and DTS voters are finally getting the information they need to make an informed choice. Our voters want to know who the endorsed Republicans are for Mayor & City Council and they are getting it this cycle.

I also want to talk about some interesting info that I dug up about who is supporting the Hometown Crony Guide. We all know that Larry skirts the Irvine contribution limits, but this isgetting ridiculous. It appears that a Newport Beach Heiress Ann Getty Earhardt has donated $65k just by herself to Hometown Crony Guide. What say you Agran apologists? Here is a press release I would have written if I was in charge....

"Newport Beach Heiress, Anne Getty Earhardt, bypasses Irvine Election Contribution Ordinance. Gives $65,500 to help elect Krom, Kang, & Gaido."

A review of election report filings at the Orange County Registrar of Voters shows that another funding scam engineered by Irvine Councilman Larry Agran is again bypassing the local Irvine Election Contribution ($390) Ordinance.

A new committee, Planning 3030 Inc. was recently formed by long time Agran colleague Frank Lunding, from his Monterey office. The committee is listed as a General Purpose Committee dedicated to “Raise funds to support candidates and measures for voter education and awareness”. That committee received a $65,500 contribution from Anne Getty Earhardt and a $20,000 contribution from KB homes, which does business in Irvine. Those contributions intent, the only ones received, was not specified.

Planning 2020, Inc. Then contributed $48,000 to Agran controlled Hometown Voter Guide and Common Sense Voter Guide, ostensibly for Measure M. Measure M is stated as the fourth required client of Hometown and Common Sense to make their slate mailer legal by state law.

Mailers by Hometown feature only Irvine candidate Beth Krom for Mayor, and Sukhee Kang and Mary Ann Gaido for City Council. Prominent in the small space devoted to Measure M is a look-alike, but different, logo for Measure M. Thus it appears that the official Measure M committee is backing the same 3 candidates. Similar tactics were used by Hometown and Common Sense in the 2004 local Irvine election except that in that election Prop 51 was the ruse 4th client. In a filing this period, the widow of Ed Dornan is now listed as the “consultant” running Hometown. In the June 30 report she donated $12,000 in her own name to Hometown and $32,000 in the name of HPT Associates, her late husband’s political consulting practice DBA.

Hometown, Common Sense, Planning 2020, Krom, Kang, Gaido, Agran, the City Police and Civilian Employee Unions, all the other Agran candidate and issue committees all use Renata Smith, or her partners as Treasurer in a cabal of liberal organizations.

Anne Getty Earhardt is a long time Agran supporter, having given to Agran campaigns and causes over the years. Frank Lunding was an Agran appointee to the Irvine Transportation Commission, in addition to being the attorney of record in many of the Agran team’s court filings.

The Agran cabal believes “if it’s legal, it’s ethical”; all the while using legal loopholes to corrupt the whole process of election funding in Irvine. One more reporting cycle remains in the current election – through 21October, filed by 26 October. It is expected that the sham will continue with additional faux Measure M contributions and possibly other statewide proposition funding by Irvine developers will continue to undermine the Irvine $390 candidate contribution limit.


  • At 3:07 PM, Blogger Dan Chmielewski said…

    I believe it was your side that ran on an ethics reform campaign in 2004 and then refused to vote fr a tough new ethics ordinance earlier this year. Your side has zero credability on the issue of ethics in this campaign

  • At 4:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    More dirty tricks from Larry Agran: The John Duong signs throughout Irvine have been "disappearing" since Sunday night, and bright yellow slate signs endorsing Krom, Kang, and Shea are appearing. This is another trick to split the conservative vote and elect Krom and Kang, ensuring a liberal majority in Irvine.

  • At 5:46 PM, Blogger Allan Bartlett said…

    I knew you wouldn't answer the question of the post Dan, namely...do you condone one person being able to launder $65k to our elections? You're always ragging on people that give money from out of the city. Shouldn't she be able to only give $390 per the contributiuon limit? You and Larry are the biggest hypocrites.

  • At 10:55 AM, Blogger Dan Chmielewski said…

    Allan -- I love how you guys on the right always seem to ignore your own hypocrisy.

    Here's some right back at you....Do you think its OK for the Lincoln Club to sue the City of Irvine over campaign finance laws that were enacted to preserve the right for Independent Expenditure campaigns to be used in Irvine.

    The City sought to keep I\E subject to the same campaign limits, thereby limiting the ability of political parties and/ or groups like the Lincoln Club to buy races on behalf of Republican candidates. The Lincoln Club made a legal challenge and prevailed, so Ms. Anne appears ot be playing by the same set of rules set up by the GOP..so quit your bitching.

    In 2004, close to a half million dollars was dumped into the 2004 race in I/E for the failed Irvine First team (moeny well spent I'd say)This benefitted Mike Ward,Stephen Choi and Greg Smith. Ward didn't raise a ton of cash himself but still expected to win, so I have to wonder how much outside support he knew he would count on and how much outside support Duong will get from these same deep pocket sources.

    Wasn't "Restore Integrity to Irvine City Hall" a sham campaign committee front for the Lincoln Club money (pro El Toro Airport Supporters BTW).

    BTW, tell Mr. Doung he's going to have to return one of the two $390 contributions he got from the president of the Viet Nam Daily News (One in August 30 and one on Sept 20). That's twice the legal limit. Media bias in the VietNamese press won't be a problem for you as the president, the publisher and a reporter have all contributed financially to Duong's campaign and while it might be legal (except for the double donation), it certainly ins't journalistically ethical (and you can't argue with me here; I have a degree in Journalism!)


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