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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Team Irvine Reception & UCI Candidates Forum

Your humble correspondent had a busy night tonight. I think I kinda know now what's it's like to be a candidate running for office. I went from one side of Irvine to the other trying to cover two events locally here. The first was a Team Irvine reception at Caspian Persian Restaurant. You'll never guess who showed up.... our newly minted State Senator Tom Harmon. I met his new District Director Cynthia Determan the other day at our Irvine Victory 06 headquarters and now I've met the man himself. The fact that he showed up speaks volumes to me. I appreciate his reaching out to us here in Irvine. It was a rough campaign against Diane Harkey, but I let both Cynthia and he know that I'm open to listen. So even though a zebra can't change its stripes IMO, I'm glad the Senator realizes that he has to morph into being more conservative to represent the district and position himself for re-election in a closed GOP primary where Democrats will not get a chance to select a Republican nominee like last time. Anyway, he also sent a fundraising letter on behalf of John Duong that came in the mailbox today and he's scheduled for an appearance at our Irvine Republican Council meeting this Thursday.

After this event I drove across town to UCI and caught the tail end of a candidates forum for the 68th, 69th, and 70th Assembly Districts. I walked in right as Democratic candidate for the 70th AD Michael Glover was berating Assemblyman DeVore about calling illegal immigrants "attractive nusances" and then saying illegal immigration is not a very big problem. I don't know what planet Mr. Glover has been on for the last twenty years, but I guess he can rationalize to himself all he wants that it isn't a huge problem(I guess he's never been to Santa Ana or Los Angeles). He's also a trial lawyer(another strike). Is it just me or are all the Democratic candidates running for office here in central OC lawyers(Steve Young, Mr. Glover, Larry Agran, etc)? I'm noticing a trend. Mr. Glover's closing statement made reference to a Republican House Speaker's letter from Kansas where he served in the legislature saying that he/she endores him for election. I think she endorsed him to make sure he doesn't return to Kansas, LOL. Just kidding, Mr. Glover was a nice guy, but he has no realistic chance of ever winning anything as a Democrat in this part of OC.


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