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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Irvine Money Chase

It's been about seven weeks since John Duong decided to run for Mayor of Irvine. I want to announce that as of his latest filing, he will have raised over $100k in those seven weeks! This is a huge amount of money raised from individuals in that span of time. Keep in mind too that the contribution limit is only $390 per person here in Irvine. Lynn and I both gave the maximum amount. Beth Krom has been Mayor for almost two years and she has only raised $80 some thousand. Now I realize that Team Crony will have a few hundred thousand spent for them by Larry Agran's Hometown Voter Guide, but our fundraising is going to keep pace. BTW, the way Larry gets around Irvine contribution limits is by his HVG "slate mailing". I'm told by someone in the know(read as an attorney) that you need four candidates and/or issues to be a slate mailer. Isn't it funny that through the years Larry has always been pimping three candidates, a proposition, and/or a local Measure. This year Larry is pimping for Measure M as seen on his first HVG mailer. By doing this, Larry gets developers/businesses to give unlimited amounts of $$$ to his cause(keeping Larry in power) and he keeps himself in the gray area of the law. It's disengenuous as hell, unethical, or whatever other term you may want to use to skirt the spirit of the campaign spending limits, but it's not technically illegal I guess. This is the same Larry Agran that has been passing "ethics" ordinances like they grow on trees as long it doesn't affect him.

The response from my fellow Irvine residents has been tremendous. I have been knocking on doors and calling like a man possessed the last few weeks. Irvine residents are hungry for change. Team Irvine will provide the soothing tonic needed to transition back to honest and ethical representation.


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