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Monday, October 16, 2006

Air Support Is Arriving In Irvine

So I get home today from work expecting another onslaught from Hometown Crony Guide and to my pleasant surprise was a slate mailer from some group named "Official Non Partisan Voting Guide" touting Proposition 90, all of our great local Irvine federal & state GOP elected officials(John Campbell & Chuck DeVore), and endorsements for all three members of Team Irvine(John Duong, Bill Mavity, & Christina Shea). YES, YES, YES! Finally we are getting smart about how to play in Larry's sandbox. The way to hit back at Hometown Crony Guide is to form your own slate mailer with things that appeal to our base here in Irvine. Prop 90 is brilliant because it exposes the politicians who oppose it as the land grabbers that they are. I need to get my scanner up and working so everyone can see this piece. Help me out Mr. Jubal or someone from OC Blog post this. I wish I knew how many people this mailer went out to. It probably just went to high propensity voters.


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