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Monday, February 20, 2006

"Jobs Americans Won't Do"

How many times have we heard that phrase uttered in the last few years on the illegal immigration debate? I'm frankly getting sick and tired of hearing it myself. Here's a great article from the LA Times today that describes the conundrum both parties are facing on this issue. Black contractors from South Central Los Angeles are up in arms over Bush's amnesty/guest worker proposal. They have seen their wages undercut for the last few decades by hoardes of illegals taking good paying construction jobs away from them. The illegals don't just pick strawberries anymore.

Drexell Johnson of South Central Inc. is fed up and had this to say...
"Hell, no, don't bring no one in from nowhere," said Johnson, a 47-year-old Mississippi native who founded his consortium of 35 minority contractors a decade ago. "Train the people here. Give the people here the same opportunity you're willing to give someone out of this country."

You go Drexell! What's next, are they going to put "guest workers" in charge of border security. Yikes.


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