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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Hits Keep On Coming From Arnold

You wanna talk about a crash and burn mission right now. Our wet index finger in the political wind governor is at it again today taking another hard left turn. According to this SF Gate article, he wants to raise the taxes on gasoline to cut down on greenhouse gases and global warming. I'm sure another tax won't kill any more jobs(snark). Steven Greenhut of the OC Punch Blog wants the CA GOP to revive Michael Schroeder's resolution to revoke our endorsement of the governor. I agree wholeheartetly with that idea. This is getting ridiculous. How can Arnold be for cutting the car tax and then support one of the most regressive taxes of all on the consumption of gasoline. I guess maybe he thinks we aren't paying enough at the pumps. All I know is that the inner liberal Kennedy in Arnold is alive and well to the detriment of the people that voted him into office. What else are we Republicans going to be forced into accepting from him until we say enough is enough? I'm open for suggestions.


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