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Sunday, February 12, 2006

VP Cheney Is A Crack Shot...On Other Hunters!!

I saw this Drudge headline blaring and I just had to laugh. Cheney needs to take Hillary out hunting or Michael Moore(damn that's one big target). In all seriousness, I think Dick needs a remedial course in hunter saftey. You never swing on a bird unless you know you have a clear line of shot. That's basic. He's extremely lucky that it was just a glancing blow from some bird load shot(many little beebes). I wonder what would have happened if he woulda greased that guy. As it is, I'm sure that dude's lawyers have already got their case ready and will be running down to the courthouse first thing tomorrow morning. I'd still rather go hunting with Cheney though than drive across a bridge with Ted Kennedy at the wheel.

Hello to all the Mydd and Kos folks. They linked to this post here. I still don't know what a wingnut is though or where that phrase came from. Maybe they can educate me on it. I bet you guys wished that Mr. Wittingham died from his wounds. You would have been able to make even more hay out of this non story story right? It was an accident. Get over it.


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