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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Book by Minuteman founder & "Unfit for Command" author to target illegal immigration

This is a press release from Jim Gilchrist and the Minuteman Project.

22 February 2006

CONTACT: Tim Bueler
(530) 401-3285


Minuteman Founder Jim Gilchrist teams with NYT bestselling author Jerome Corsi on explosive new account of danger, drugs, and death on America's border. Will this book do to the GOP what "Unfit for Command" did to John Kerry?

Los Angeles, CA -- Despite being the former governor of a border state in the throes of an immigration crisis, President George W. Bush has been reluctant to address the issue of illegal immigration, preferring instead to maintain warm ties with Mexican President Vicente Fox. That may change later this year, though, in the wake of a forthcoming book that promises to make security along America's borders the most hotly-debated subject going into this fall's elections--and one that Republicans ignore at their own peril.

Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman Project, and Jerome Corsi, Harvard Ph.D. and co-author of the New York Times #1 bestseller "Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry," have teamed up to write a shocking account of the endless flow of drugs, terrorists, and economic refugees at America's borders--and to expose the Mexican government's open complicity in this full-fledged crisis. The to-be-titled book will be published by World Ahead Publishing and available in bookstores nationwide this July.

The Minuteman Project is a volunteer-based organization that gained national prominence last year for organizing a citizen watch along the nation's southwestern border to report suspicious activity to authorities. Although denounced by politicians in the nation's capital--including President Bush--Minuteman Project volunteers have been praised by overworked Border Patrol agents for their efforts.

"Illegal immigration is bankrupting states along the border, but this is about more than economics--we're placing our national security at risk," said Gilchrist, who along with other Minuteman Project volunteers has come under fire while on patrol and carrying nothing more than binoculars and cell phones.

Gilchrist continued, "Drug lords and violent gangs like MS-13 are streaming into the U.S. from Mexico. Terrorists are also walking in unopposed. Our southwestern border is littered with Arabic papers and Islamic prayer rugs."

"Politicians who believe that illegal immigration can be ignored must realize that Mexicans and others are dying every day along our nation's borders," added Corsi, whose book "Unfit for Command" played a key role in convincing the American people to reject John Kerry's 2004 presidential bid. "These economic refugees are often abandoned and left to die by the human traffickers and Mexican soldiers who smuggle them across the border. It's nothing less than a tragedy."

While the GOP has made America's security a winning issue in recent elections, Gilchrist and Corsi's forthcoming book promises to reframe border control in just those terms--as a matter of national security, and one that President Bush and the Republican leadership can no longer brush aside.

This is excellent. Maybe Jim Gilchrist and the Minutemen can shame President Bush and the Congress into finally do the right thing.


  • At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Truth Detector said…

    Oh wow, Gilchrist teams up with a proven liar to write a book based on racism and lies. If the American people fall for their bigoted lies, I will lose all faith in this country. The problem needs to be solved, but scapegoating an entire ethnic group does nothing to secure the border, it only increases hate. Lets face it, if the immigrants looked like you, talked like you, ate the same food as you and did everything just like you, you all would have no problem with them coming over. I wish you all would just be man enough and admit it.

  • At 11:09 AM, Blogger Allan Bartlett said…

    It's not racist to want the immigration laws enforced, but you liberals just keep telling that to yourselves. I love how liberals claim to be so tolerant of all people, but they are not tolerant of others' views.
    As far as the Swift Boat Vets, why don't you ask John Kerry if they were effective or not. Scoreboard baby.

  • At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Truth Detector said…

    Allan Bartlett Said: As far as the Swift Boat Vets, why don't you ask John Kerry if they were effective or not. Scoreboard baby.

    Allan, so you admit they lied and it is ok as long as they agree with your point of view and are successful. WOW! Amazing the stuff that comes from so-called Christian Conservatives. They hate Mexicans and are willing to lie. Jesus must be so proud.

  • At 3:42 PM, Blogger Allan Bartlett said…

    I did not say they lied. John Kerry lied though about being in Cambodia for Christmas. That's not the point though. The point is that we need to get serious about enforcing our immigration laws and the Minutemen have brought much needed attention to this debate. The vast majority of people want our laws enforced and do not want to give amnesty to illegals. That is a fact my friend. You go ahead and keep believing that a kid gloves approach to Mexico will work. We give em an inch, they take a mile. They enforce their Southern Border and we do not.

  • At 1:18 AM, Blogger jakejacobsen said…

    Truth detector,

    Are you seriously advocating letting every person on the planet come here? I realize liberals start with a logic deficit but that is a truly stunning display.

    And, no asshat, it makes precisely no difference what they look like, eat, poop or wear, I just did a piece on Irish illegals, wanna guess what the conclusion was?

    They gotta go, it's about legality, not ethnicity!

    But thanks for playing we have some lovely parting gifts...

    Great blog Allen! I'm starting a blog coalition against illegal immigration and will send you some info.


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