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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Tom Coburn's Primary Victory

With all the hubbub about the DNC convention this week, I forgot to mention that Dr. Tom Coburn won a huge primary victory in Oklahoma this week. Tom Coburn is a strong conservative and was backed by the Club For Growth. It's another sign that the Club is fast becoming a kingmaker and RINO killer. Tom's main opponent was Tulsa mayor Kirk Humphreys. Humphreys was the choice of the RNC, the so-called safe pick, but Oklahoma can do better and they did. It's another reason that the RNC should not pick favorites in the primary like they tend to do. Let the voters decide. Tom will face off against his successor in the house when he retired, Brad Carson. Oklahoma is a very Republican state and Tom should do well in November with Bush at the top of the ticket. Rep. Carson did not even go to his own party's convention because he is afraid of being seen with all the freaks there this week. Actually probably a smart move for him.


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