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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Last Night's Sharpton Debacle

I happen to like seeing "red meat" at political conventions. Today's conventions are too scripted. The campaigns from both sides are trying to put a "moderate face" on their candidates. This is IMO a disservice to the voters. Having said all this, the Kerry campaign is probably not to happy about Reverand Al's speech last night. He didn't follow the script very well or at all. I watched the speech on CNN. After he was done you could almost see Judy Woodruff blowing a gasket. She looked pissed off. After all, she and most others in the media are liberal, and she knows as well as anyone that Al's speech did not play well in Peoria as they say. In fact, I think it turned off many swing voters. They then went to Candy Crowley behind the podium to interview the Reverend after the speech. Her first question: "Was that speech approved by the Kerry campaign?", Al's answer: "I got approval for the tone of the speech from them(I highly doubt that)", Candy then followed up with this question: "were your actual words approved Reverend Sharpton?" Al's answer: "I told them that I needed to answer Bush's speech from last Friday's Urban League meeting". I then switched channels to Chris Matthews. He was livid also! How dare this man come out and give a red meat speech like he did! The only saving grace for Kerry is that most people probably did not and will not see or hear about Al's speech.


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