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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Drudge busts Kerry on War Video

I don't know how these stories would get told if there wasn't a Matt Drudge of the world. In another huge scoop, Drudge is reporting that the war footage that John Kerry's campaign plans to use to introduce John Kerry was all reenactments. This guy Kerry is turning out to be pathological. Most guys in the military will tell you that they never try to call attention to their service. It just isn't done. In fact most guys, if asked about their combat experience, are extremely reluctant to say anything about it. A few guys have told their stories to be sure, but to glorify it like Kerry is doing is disengenuous at its best and pathological at its worst. The story says that after a couple of firefights, Kerry went into town to purchase a super 8 video camera and then went back to the scenes of the battles and had other people film him walking resolutely through the jungle and reenacting certain things for the camera. I'm wondering if this sort of activity is encouraged by the military. I'm guessing it is not, but i'm going to check it out. Maybe in addition to those purple hearts we could add some sort of military censure or court martial. This should be interresting.


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