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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Last Night at the DNC

Wow, where should I begin. My opinion of the first night of the DNC is that it was the same old,same old. First Al Gore came out and appeared heavily sedated. Gone was the animated/Move-On.org Al Gore of the last few years. I think he had to promise Kerry's staff that he would take his prozac before the speech and it showed.
Next we had Jimmy Carter. You know it's bad for the Democrats when Jimmy Carter has to give the "red meat" speech of the convention. I don't know what's funnier, Jimmy Carter lecturing Bush about the evils of North Korea or him saying that we had lost credibility with the rest of the world community(translation of world community= France & Germany).
On to Mrs. Monotone errr I mean Hillary Clinton. This women needs a speech coach in the worst way. She has no inflexion in her voice. It is just one long annoying monotone. She has four years to work on all these things because she is going to be the nominee in 2008 when kerry loses this year.
Lastly we had Bubba. He is the Democrats rock star of the convention. That man can deliver a speech. You may not agree with it, but he gives a great speech without sounding like a liberal. You can tell he loves being on the stage. He didn't want to leave it last night.


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