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Friday, July 23, 2004

Huge Court Victory for Kobe Today

It looks like Kobe Bryant will be around for the Lakers afterall this upcoming season. In what has to seen as a devastating blow to the prosecution, the judge in the case, Terry Ruckriegle has just ruled today that the accuser's sex life in the 72 hour period prior to and after the alledged rape can be used against her as exculpatory evidence. This oughta just about wrap up this case. I don't think any reasonable jury is going to convict someone for rape if it can be shown that the accuser was basically slutting around prior to and after the alledged incident. This begs the question of why this case was even filed in the first place. I wouldn't be surprised if the plug is pulled on this case and Kobe settles the soon to be civil suit for a few million dollars. Case closed. Kobe'a a few million dollars poorer, but he just signed a $140 million contract with the Lakers, so he is not hurting and he has his freedom back


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