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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Reinvention Convention

************************* Memo to Kerry campaign ***********************

RE: Selling John F...ing Kerry

It's not going to work running as a moderate. I'm officially naming this gathering "The Reinvention Convention". You might as well take your chances and run as a true blue liberal. Why don't you want to run as one? You clearly are the most liberal Senator in the Senate. We all know it kills you to moderate your message. Just drop all pretense and run far to the left. You'll feel liberated after doing so. Also just another piece of advice: you might want to have a talk with that trophy wife of yours. I know she is now a billionaire, but she is not keeping her end of the bargain up. Put a muzzle on her. The contrast between Laura Bush and Thereza is striking. You won't win the Presidency because of your wife, but you could lose it if she keeps running her mouth.


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