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Thursday, July 29, 2004

My Initial Reaction to Kerry's Speech...

I am the only one that noticed that Kerry was sweating like a pig up there on stage? I thought it was hilarious. They needed to crank up the AC in the arena. I also heard the stage manager curse at the guys in the rafters while watching CNN. He was heard saying "what the fuck are you guys doing up there,drop all the balloons and confetti now!" As for the speech itself, it was Kerry trying to pretend that he was a Republican. He hammered away that he would be a better command-in-chief than Bush. He didn't really talk about his record in the Senate for the last twenty years, but that's okay because I'm sure Karl Rove et al will make sure that Kerry's voting record gets exposed for what it is and that is extremely liberal. I can't wait for the RNC now. Oh yeah I almost forgot, Kerry says he was born in the "west wing" of the hospital in Colorado. I beg to differ. He was born in the left wing of the hospital :^)


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