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Monday, October 03, 2005

Tonight's Debate

It wasn't even close. Here is the audio to judge for yourselves(first half hour). Here is the second half hour. Jim Gilchrist hit the ball out of the park while John Campbell was reduced to looking like the political hack that he is. I was sitting in the front row. I got to see all the body language of the two candidates. John Campbell was in a defensive posture the entire debate. Jim Gilchrist had an edge to him tonight that so far I have only seen once before. For any Phil Hendrie fans out there, a guy emailed me and said that the debate reminded him of a bit featuring the gruff sounding Vernon Dozier(Gilchrist) and the weasely voice of Northern California liberal Dean Wheeler(Campbell). I was laughing because it was a good analogy. Campbell had all his people that he flew in from DC there. I'll give them credit that they know how to chant in unison Campbell Campbell Campbell, but beyond that, I tipped J&K off at one of the breaks that Campbell had all these DC hacks in the room and that's why there were a lot people dressed in suits. John Kobylt had a look of disgust on his face when I told him that. They then proceeded to warn all the Campbell hacks that chanting was off limits and that they were going to start rotating the audience out because there were a lot of regular KFI listeners outside waiting to get inside. It was standing room only in the ballroom where we were. Silence Dogood has an excellant analysis here at Hack n Flak also.


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