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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Huge Gilchrist Weekend

The race for the 48th CD is almost over, at least the primary. It is a foregone conclusion now that there will be a runoff. Campbell's team can spin all they want, but we have a groundswell of support for Jim Gilchrist and it will only build as we get to the December runoff. Two out of three Republicans and about half of all Democrats contacted by our volunteers are voting for Jim Gilchrist. Sorry John Campbell, those are the facts. I read a funny quote today also that Campbell said. He was talking about how he is a marketing guy and that campaigns are a marketing campaign. He is the product being marketed. It's a good analogy. I have a better one though. I've been selling intangibles(investment advisory services) over the phone for over ten years and I'm telling everyone flat out that people are not buying John Campbell, but Jim Gilchrist is flying off the shelf.


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