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Monday, October 03, 2005

Bush's Latest Disaster

After all the natural disasters this year, Bush goes and does this. He selected his personal lawyer Harriett Miers for Sandra Day O'Conners seat on the SCOTUS. The base is pretty much done with Bush. He ran on a platform saying that he was conservative. He has done the opposite much of the time. Maybe this lady will turn out conservative, but why take the chance of getting Soutered again. We have a freakin huge majority in the Senate. Screw the Democrats. Let them filibuster his pick if need be. Instead we are treated to this. I am in shock from this pick.

****************8:15 PST Update **********************

Bush's nominee Harriett Miers gave money to Bill Clinton for President in 1991! Thanks for that one President Bush. Any one else see a pattern here of cronyism/nepotism? Mike Brown, Julie Myers, Alberto Gonzales, etc. This pick has to be a smokescreen. Karl Rove is not stupid, although I am beginning to wonder.


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