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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Yours Truly In The OC Register Today

Props to Martin Wisckol of the OC Register. He wrote a nice piece this morning about Jim Gilchrist's strong independent bid for the 48th CD seat here in central OC. Here is the link for the article. I spent about twenty minutes on the phone with Mr. Wisckol a few days ago. We talked about the race in detail. What ended up in the final cut for the article was this...

"This (election) is the opportunity to make a statement nationwide, and to send a message to President Bush," said Irvine's Allan Bartlett, a 35-year-old commodities broker who said this is the first time he'll vote for someone other than a Republican. "Huge numbers of people are concerned with illegal immigration, but the politicians go back (to Washington) and have an open-border policy."

Despite their stated positions, the top GOP candidates have not convinced Bartlett they'll change that.

So there you have it. My fifteen minutes of fame are up(more like 30 seconds). I'll be out in the field the next couple of days with the other 500 or Gilchrist volunteers that we have assembled to get the vote out for Jim. It is my pleasure to do it. There is nothing better than using a lot of shoe leather for a low turn-out election like this. Look for my smiling face at your doorstep fellow OC denizens.


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