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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Irvine City Council Last Night

I had a chance to make it down to the council chambers for the bi-weekly meeting last night. I liked seeing Larry squirm in his chair as councilmember Shea read him and other two suspects(Mayor Krom and Mr. Kang) the riot act about everything that has come to light about the Forde & Mollriche PR contract. Ms Shea tried to agendize a discussion about the PR contract for tonight's meeting, but instead she was stonewalled by the city manager who I'm sure got his direction from Mr Agran. It was a pathetic site to watch Mr Joyce(city manager) stumble over his words(give toastmasters a shot Mr Joyce) trying to rationalize why he kept the item of the agenda for the meeting. Now since there are no scheduled council meetings until September 13th, this issue is going to fester for another month and half. I myself can't wait to tear Larry & Co a new one when I finally get the chance at the next meeting. I predict an all nighter for the next meeting.


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