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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Race For 48th Getting Logjammed

It looks like Sen Campbell is rethinking his plans. He announced that he has withdrawn his endorsement of Dick Ackerman and is thinking about running himself. Is this payback for Dick not endorsing him for Senate GOP leader? No one knows yet. I suspect it is. Hey who said you have to be nice all the time in politics. It is afterall a contact sport here in the OC when an open seat becomes available. Just look at recent history for a guide. Ken Maddox sent out a mailing with hookers & pimps on them implying that Sen Campbell endorsed that sort of nonsense. Cristy Christich did the similiar things against Chuck Devore. Thankfully the voters saw through this BS and voted in the best persons for the jobs.
It also looks like Jim Gilcrest is seriously thinking of getting in. This is awesome news. He is absolutely my sentimental favorite. I would have hard time choosing between Sen. Campbell or Jim Gilcrest. Hopefully one of them will not run and I won't have to make that decision.
Isn't all this stuff great for us political junkies. It's like Christmas in June.


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