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Monday, June 06, 2005

The Bloodbath Has Begun In The 48th District

I just got push-polled by a company called Western Research out of Salt Lake City. It was obvious a woman named Cassie De Young paid for the poll. Anyone ever hear of this person? I tried googling her name and nothing came up so she can't be that serious a candidate can she? The questions were pretty basic at the beginning. First They asked for my impression,positive, neutral or negative of a number of potential candidates. I will try to list them all here as I responded. Larry Agran-negative, Pat Bates-neutral, B-1 Bob Dornan-positive, James Rogan-positive, Dick Ackerrman-positive, Cassie De Young-neutral, John Lewis-positive, Mark Chapin Johnson-negative, Marilyn Brewer-negative, Todd Spitzer-neutral, Mimi Walters-neutral. Then they asked if I knew that Dick Ackermann and Marilyn Brewer are supported by a bunch of pro El Toro airport politicians and that Cassie De Young has always been opposed to the El Toro airport. Overall I thought it was pretty hilarious. I guess the games have begun. Who the hell is Cassie De Young anyways???

The answer to the question,who is Cathryn "aka Cassie DeYoung"....she is the mayor pro tem of Laguna Niguel. Well alrighty then. Looks like at least she is a republican. After looking at FEC reports, she has given to Chris Cox, Darrel Issa, and the NRCC. I still like Dick Ackerrman though if Jim Gilchrest doesn't run.
****Another Update*****
OCMetalMan on OC Blog is reporting that former state senator of Orange, John Lewis has just dumped a cool mill in his campaign account and is definately in. Yikes. If money talks then former senator Lewis would be a filibuster!


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