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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Laguna Landslide

My heart goes out to all the affected families of the Laguna Beach landslide. Alot of those people probably had their life savings tied up in those houses or at the very least, the majority of their net worth in them. Having said that, those people had to know what the risks were of owning a home on a steep hill. Eventually the odds just caught up to them. I hope they all had good property insurance because i'm already hearing that some companies are refusing to pay claims until more info is known about the cause of the landslide. In my opinion, it was probably from all the rain that we received this past year. The bottom line is this...you live in an area known for natural disasters( i.e. 1978 slide and 1993 wildfires). You better make damn sure your insurance policies cover these sort of disasters before you buy a place there. Please don't ask the taxpayers to pay for your own negligence.


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