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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Irvine Political Update

It's time for a little Irvine political update. As long as Larry Agran and his cronies are in power, Irvine residents & property owners will need to watch their wallet. The city council passed a budget in the dead of night during the last meeting. By the way, for all you non-Irvine citizens, this is the way all important/controversial business gets done when Larry is in power. It always has and will always be the preferred way. No one is up anymore to watch or stay until the end of the meeting. What else....hmmm, oh yeah Dick Sims resigned his seat on the Great Park Board because he thought that plans for the park were moving ahead too fast. When someone with his stature steps aside, that is a pretty damning indictment of Larry and his buddies. Luckily for the city we have two great council members to keep a watchful eye on things in Christina Shea and Dr. Steven Choi. The Irvine Republican Council has been formed to keep Irvine voters informed of what's going on in the city. No longer will your lapdog Ed Dornan be able to place the Earl Zuchts of the world on the ballot with the sole purpose to steal away our base voters to hand the election over to the bad guys... Larry Agran & Co. Please make no mistake about it either. These are not non-partisan races like the ballot says. It is a battle of two starkly different ideologies at play. GOP vs Democrats, conservatives vs liberals, good government vs bad government are all at work here. So Larry just because you have your picture taken with George W Bush and Arnold Schwarzennegar because you are trying to pretend that W and Arnold endorse you, that doesn't mean you will be getting over anymore on Irvine's electorate. You're on notice that Irvine is not going to put up with your shananegins anymore.


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