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Monday, December 03, 2007

Confirm Jim Rogan

*******************12/3/07 UPDATE ******************************

This post from early September is getting bumped back up to the top of my page. Judge Rogan is in the news lately because it is known now that it is Sen Boxer that has placed a hold on this nomination. Here's the post from a few months ago...

9/10/07...... I ran into former Congressman & current Superior Court Judge Jim Rogan yesterday at the Anaheim Convention Center. It gave me a chance to thank him for his service in the California Legislature and Congress. He saw my Ron Paul button I was wearing and proceeded to tell me the famous Ron Paul Mother Theresa vote back in 1997 I believe. Jim came to Congress with Ron in the class of 1996. In Ron's case, he was coming back to Congress after having previously served three terms. There was a vote in Congress to award Mother Theresa a Congressional Gold Medal. The vote was 434 to 1 with Ron being the only representative to vote No. Jim said he saw Ron sitting in the House chamber after the vote and went up to him to ask him why he cast his vote the way he did. Ron said that he had written a check for $500 out of his own pocket to give Mother Theresa a gold medal, but it is not in the Constitution to award gold medals to other people and that is why he voted no. To my knowledge, no other rep. gave money out of their own pocket like Ron did. Judge Rogan said he enjoyed serving with Ron immensely. I asked him about why he is not yet on the District Court bench yet. After all he was nominated back in January of this year by President Bush to serve on the Central District Court. I think Sen. Boxer & Feinstein have holds on his nomination as payback for Judge Rogan's role in the impeachment of Bill Clinton, but no one can be sure since these holds are "secret". I asked Judge Rogan about his opinion of this. He smiled at me and said he knows what's going on but he is apolitical now because he is a judge...wink, wink. I'm with you Judge Rogan. These holds are ridiculous. Memo to Sen. Boxer & Feinstein....release these holds and let the Judge have an up or down vote. Orange County needs him on the federal bench.


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