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Friday, November 30, 2007

OC Blog Skirmish

It was pretty funny to read the back & forth posts between Jubal at OC Blog and Steven Greenhut from the Register yesterday. They were debating Mike Carona and all the issues surrounding his indictment. Both Matt and Steven are my friends and it is sad that Mike Carona has driven this wedge into the GOP family like he has(although Steven says he is out of the party as soon as his vote is cast for my man Ron Paul).

I was at the Central Committee Meeting. I saw what was going on and what happened there. I am taking Steven's side of this. There are a lot of GOP elected officials who are nervous about crossing Mike Schroeder. They don't want to wake up with a horse head at the bottom of their bed. Having said this, they are elected to represent all the GOP and not Mike Schroeder. There are going to be tough votes like last week. So it disappointed me greatly to hear from members of the committee say that they will just leave the room before the hard vote. That's bush league(no pun intended). I'm not going to embarrass the ones who told me that they were not going to be in the room because it told to me in confidence, but I let them know in not so subtle languange that this was chicken bleep.


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