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Monday, November 19, 2007

OC GOP Tables Carona Resolution Until January

I gotta hand it to the elected GOP Central Committee members of Orange County, they are officially afraid of their own shadow when it comes to this Carona business. Tonight a totally watered down resolution was offered by Mike McGill and it couldn't even get a majority vote let alone a 2/3 vote to even have a debate on the resolution asking the Sheriff to take a leave from his job. Talk about embarrassing. Members were joking that they were going to leave the room when the vote came because they didn't want to go on record for this vote. They are gutless.

It was also ironic to see so many new civil libertarians in the room when their guy is under indictment. If I got a dollar for everyone that came up to me tonight and told me "Allan, the Sheriff deserves to be presumed innocent under our system", I'd be a richer man tonight. Of course these are a lot of the same people that believe cops and prosecutors can do no wrong. Go figure. It must be nice to have double standards on everything when its convienent for your side. Unfortunately for the party, this issue is now going to fester like a bad cancer until at least the next meeting in January.

Listen to John & Ken's rant from today on this resolution. It starts at about the twenty minute mark.


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