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Thursday, April 05, 2007

One word About My Sister Amy....Inspiration

Some may have noticed in the comments section of some past posts my reference to my sister Amy getting diagnosed with Non-Hogdkins Lymphoma. She is an absolute inspiration. In fact she has started her own blog(it must run in the family. LOL) called ichoosehope.com. I'm going to reprint her initial post here at Powder Blue:
Welcome to my blog: ichoosehope.com
Friends and Family,

It's almost springtime and there is nothing like a new blog to bookmark in this new season, right? I figured you can spring-clean your bookmarks list on your browser, and make some room for a new one. This one is called ichoosehope.com. I selected this for the name of my blog for a reason that is hopefully quite clear. After being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma on March 5, 2007, I have been filled with nothing but hope. Hope for so many great things.

My plan is to have this blog serve as a hub location for all of those that are on my team while I take this journey. It will have lots of information, stories, photos, healthy ideas, party recaps, fund raising updates...etc. I will need all of you, so I hope you are ready to participate with me. As cliche as it may sound, the tremendous and constant flow of love and support from everyone has been so inspiring for me. Feeling lifted up and knowing that every corner I turn there is someone cheering for me makes the days much easier. It truly is like a marathon. Some miles have been easy, some...not so much.

I truly believe this experience will be full of silver linings and amazing stories of friendship, love, healing, and compassion. We all just need to look hard enough for them. They are there. I have experienced all of them already in a very short time. I also believe that there is a reason that we are all being united to do unbelievable things together. We might not know why just yet, and that's OK too. There is a reason.

I hope you will check this site often for progress, and feel free to share your comments and stories with me and everyone that will be visiting. My goal for this is to be a place for the team to huddle up.

Upcoming event: I have had reports of people not receiving the Evite for the Fund-raising event on April 14th @7PM - Horseshoe Tavern in San Francisco. Lots of great silent auction items have been donated so be sure not to miss it. Sports memoribilia, tickets to events, an afternoon with Sandy Sandoval... (just kidding, Sandy, but that would be cool!) This is a benefit for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and also the night I will be having my head shaved. My hair will be taking about a 6 month hiatus. It will not be auctioned on eBay like Britney Spears. I will try to scan-in some of the interesting wig options from my doctor's office. The brochure is called Chemo Savvy (not joking) and I think it was last printed in 1970. I will also scan-in the prescription I received from my oncologist, Dr. Priya. It said: "Hair prosthesis (wig)". The word wig was actually in parenthesis. NOT JOKING! I guess insurance covers it. Hilarious. I think I am more headed down the scarf and big Hollywood sunglasses route than the Dorothy Hamil wigs they have in the brochure. I have already sported the Dorothy Hamil 'do (which is actually a "don't") in 2nd grade. Thanks, Mom. :)

Much love & hope,



  • At 1:53 PM, Blogger Amy said…

    Thanks, Allan. :) I hope my blog will be as popular as yours is someday! Looking forward to having you join in the hair shaving festivities next weekend. Tell Lynn instead of chrome dome, you could always leave a little and have a mohawk or something. Shake up the neighborhood and your conservative friends a little bit. Crazy is normal here in the big city of San Francisco!
    love you, amy


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