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Friday, March 23, 2007

More Responses & Questions

You really didn't answer a few of my questions, but so be it. I also love how euphamisticaly refer to:
it would be much higher for obvious reasons...the population there consists of that demographic
would the obvious reasons be there are a lot of illegal aliens in Santa Ana? It's nice use of the language, but very dismissive of the problems. I believe this is the same syndrome you have of not calling illegal aliens illegal aliens.

You say problems with education in inner barrio cities(i.e East LA, Santa Ana, etc) have nothing to do with illegal immigration. I'll let that one stand on its own. If you believe that then I believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Oh well, onto some of your questions.
Do you believe there are enough U.S. Citizens or legal residents available in the U.S. willing and able to do the work currently immigrants do?
Yes and no. No...I think we should have a program like the old Bracero Program where immigrants come here for seasonal agriculture work. From what I read it seemed to work pretty well. The key to this though is we have to know all the illegals here currently, deport them, and then they can re-apply as seasonal workers and it gets strictly enforced. Yes...I think we should have more legal immigration of high skilled workers if the pool of US citizens can't fill the jobs.
Do you believe the U.S. would face an economic shock if all undocumented immigrants were deported?
Of course not. There might be a little displacement in the economy, but I don't buy for a minute that theory that your side has been saying for years. I'll tell you who will suffer an economic shock is Mexico. All those remittences drying up would send that country back to the stone age probably(some would argue they still are in the stone age).
What would be the problem if we legalized the 11 Million undocumented immigrants we currently have in U.S.?
Are you for real? Word of mouth spreads almost as fast as the internet in the illegal immigrant community. I can see it right now. They'd be on the phone the second an amnesty happened telling all their family that the door to America is now wide open. Come one come all. Did you happen to read the Heritage Foundation report I posted the other day? They are saying this would lead to over 200 million more people in our counrty in the next twenty years if this were to happen.
Do you believe the price of goods would rise if there were no undocumented immigrants willing and able to work for peanuts ?
People would get used to higher costs for things you are alluding to. We adjust to it. My perfect analogy is the price of gas. Everytime it hits a new high people bitch about it. After a few months it doesn't become a big deal.


  • At 8:02 PM, Blogger The Mechanical Eye said…

    I've always felt that the Heritage Foundation's 200 million figure (published some time last year, not "the other day") was fevered fantasy. That number is the entire population of Mexico twice over.

    You repeating the figure doesn't make it true.

    More generally - the main problems with illegal immigration stems from the broken, irrational system that makes migrant workers "illegal" in the first place - what drives so many to identity fraud is a desire to live, work, and (in the case of housing) invest in the United States. Most of the costs you point out are a result of such backward nonsense.

    More important are the people you describe. Most of them aren't the child-molesting gang members conjured up by the talk radio fanatics. Given the chance, most illegal immigrants would be good additions to the legal population.

    Then there's the "they took our JERBS" line. The immigrant (legal and illegal) has typically been hated as a competitor in a zero-sum game. This has always struck me as odd, since most anti-immigrant proponents are conservatives, some of whom once put faith in a free market that grows and expands. I discount the notion that a population loss of 12 million people would have only "little displacement" to our economy.

    Further, if immigrants take away good, decent, honorable, etc., jobs away from fine upstanding citizens, where is the massive unemployment this theory predicts?


  • At 1:36 PM, Blogger Agent Orange said…

    [Then there's the "they took our JERBS" line.]

    Please be advised "DU" that in the free market economy like USA is, the supply and demand regulates job market.

    So if I have a choice to hire worker for $7.50/h or $25.00/h to build housing frames, I will hire one for $7.50/h.

    The $25.00/h job is gone!


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