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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Is The GOP In Danger Of Going The Way Of The Whig Party?

I would argue in the affirmative on this question. How long it will take for the party to implode is the only question. For those that need a short history lesson about the Whig Party, click here. Basically the Whigs were divided over slavery and the party kinda just went away and the modern Republican party was formed out of the ashes. Anyone else see any parallels today? Today's GOP Party is split over illegal immigration and all the issues surrounding it. The country club wing/Hugh Hewitt wing of the party wants to compromise away our country for the sake of power and the almighty dollar. They want to keep the modern day slave labor trade alive and kicking.

Today the Whitehouse rolled out their amnesty proposal that if enacted, I believe will implode the modern day Republican party. Read it & weep here. It talks about "triggers" and enforcement, but who are they kidding. We know the WH doesn't want enforcement by their current and prior actions. 20 million illegals are going to get amnesty if this passes plus their families back in Mexico & Central America will get to jump to the front of the line for the sake of "re-unification". The costs to this country when this happens will be not be able to be calculated.


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