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Friday, April 06, 2007

Bob Clark, Director of A Christmas Story Is Killed By A Drunk Illegal Alien Driver

Sadly this headline is becoming far to common. Of course the LA Times doesn't mention the fact that the driver was an illegal alien in the headline. A Christmas Story is my favorite modern day movie about Christmas. I still think the best ever Christmas movie is It's A Wonderful Life. The carnage continues.

There was also a heated debate on O'Rielly's Show last between Bill and Geraldo Rivera about a similiar story that happened in Virginia. Here's a link for it. Virginia Beach is an illegal alien sanctuary city so they bear the brunt of the blame, but you can also pin plenty of blame on George Bush. His lack of leadership on this issue continues to amaze me every day.

Patterico has a good post and comment thread going over it his site. He keeps watch on the LA Times.


  • At 5:55 PM, Blogger Agent Orange said…

    This is no longer an issue of Democrats and Republicans of which I am neither.

    The main danger which we are facing today is growing socialism. Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin were both socialists so you get a picture what I am talking about.

    The issue of illegal emigration is directly proportional to socialism and welfare.

    I believe in freedom of movement. The people should have right to move everywhere they want to go.

    However, once they do move they should be loyal to the place they move to and not bringing with them garbage cultural, religious and ethnic believes which they are escaping from.

    Newcomers should assimilate as quickly as possible!

    The Mexicans should forget the Spanish and Catholic religion since they are both a root of their misery.

    It is socialists and politically correct cabal which will not allow this to happen.

    For that reason the USA is finish as a superpower and will soon disintegrate into small peaces like the communist block in 1990.

    After that new social concept will race to the power.

    Historically, as we can remember, that is always what happened and this time we are not an exception.

  • At 12:10 AM, Anonymous Lee Lemke said…

    It's not just a coincidence that both Geraldo Rivera & most illegals are Hispanic. Like most groups they want more people like themselves.

  • At 12:50 PM, Blogger Agent Orange said…

    Well taken Lee,

    However, it is a religion not race.

    I am white European and my wife is brown Mexican.

    We both pity the American Mexicans.


    By close analysis I have find out that my wife came from the Protestant family and entire family is doing better in Mexico than we are doing here in US.

    I came from a Catholic family but I was raised in the Czechoslovakian communist system as an atheist so the religion is not playing a part in my life.

    That does not mean that I am not a spiritual person!

    I just see the church as political mind controlling entity.

    If I visit any Protestant church I get feeling that I am in a community association meeting related to my daily problems with a spiritual emphases.

    In contrast, visiting Catholic church gives me creeps of a cult.

    Any developed country which has government controlled by Catholic church i.e. Ireland, Italy, Mexico are in same deep economical shit as result of Catholic mind control of not challenging authority and be a sheep. That creates lack of the entrepreneurism and economic progress and ones retirement plan is based on a number of children he makes rather than on how much investments he make into the economy.

    So your observation is a OK Lee, the Catholic mind controlled losers: "Like most groups they want more people like themselves" pregnant and barefoot.

  • At 7:14 PM, Anonymous Miriam Bertram said…

    Agent Orange.

    The economy of Ireland is terrific, in part because of their tax cuts.



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