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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Opening Statement By Luis Rodriguez

Here is Luis's opening statement:
Okay Allan I will start with my opening remarks, they will be quick. But first I too would like to offer you my thoughts and prayers regarding your family.

As far as immigration and open borders, I am not sure I am in favor of complete open orders, as exists in the European Union, but I certainly believe should be allowed to travel where they please.
First off it is important to understand terminology. The term "illegal" I find offensive simply because a person can not be illegal, only an action. Thus a person can cross illegally, but that person would not be an illegal. In any event, an Undocumented Immigrant as per our definition is a person who crosses a border without the proper documentation. This is the topic of debate.
I believe the U.S. currently contradicts its opinion regarding these undocumented immigrants due to the pressure they receive from certain groups. This pressure causes our Govt. to pretend to enforce a "law" they truly have no desire in doing so. The reason being, immigrants (cheap labor) allow for economic growth the U.S. can not have otherwise due to its limited population growth. Immigration laws, I believe are set up only to provide a somwhat facade to constituents wishing to remove these group of people from the U.S. so they do a half hazard job of controlling it.
My belief is President Bush is right on in believing a guest worker program would be the solution, not because it is called a guest worker program but rather because he is trying to name what is already a natural process, supply and demand. He is looking to supply the demand current existing in specific fields, such as agricultural, and other unskilled labor fields.
I believe jobs in the U.S. are not in short supply, and there are not enough U.S. born workers, or documented immigrants to fill those jobs. Additionally, the line for "legalizing" themselves in countries such as Mexico are at ridiculous levels, and therefore can not be done.
I'll start with that and add more as we continue to debate.


  • At 9:01 AM, Blogger Allan Bartlett said…

    I'm sorry your offended Luis by the term illegal alien, but I am not going to bow to the pc police on this.

    If we start going down that road, pretty soon taxes are going to be called "involuntary mandatory contributions" or dishwashers called "hydraulic ceramic engineers". In fact George Carlin has a hilarious bit about this topic in one of his comedy routines. He mentioned that guys coming home from wars that were affected mentally we said to be in "shell shock". Now we call it "post traumatic stress disorder". You get the point. Bottomline is I'm not going to head down that road of political correctness.


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