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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Judge Kline Is Finally Going To Prison

I think most people in OC have been following this story ever since it broke. Judge Ronald Kline of Irvine(he's my neighbor here in Turtle Rock a few blocks away....yuk!)made headlines because of the thousands of child porn images that were found on his computer. He was finally sentenced today up in Los Angeles. Upon hearing that he would have to serve 27 months in prison, Judge Kline promptly passed out. He must have fainted from knowing he will be around all those "hot" young inmates that he will be able to drop the soap around. Here's to hoping you have a great time in the hole Judge. I think this also makes him qualified to be on the Democrat majority public saftey committe up in Sacramento when he gets out. They love going easy on pedophiles. Here's the story.


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