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Friday, November 24, 2006

Local Blogger Under Suspicion

So I get into work this morning, fire open my copy of the Register and find this gem of a story about local blogger Chris Prevatt of The Liberal OC. Chris works for the county health agency and is accused of blogging on the taxpayers dime. This is an interesting story on a number of levels. My first impression of reading the piece is that county workers should be doing their jobs we're paying them for and not blogging on the internet unless they have permission from their boss. Somehow I don't think that permission would be granted. Having said this, I don't think Chris should be retaliated against for what he said in any of his posts. Anyone should be free to speak their mind on the net even if he didn't have any nice things to say about his bosses at the BOS.

I'm lucky that I work for myself. I can blog whenever I like about any subject that interests me without anyone looking over my shoulder. I think what should happen in this case is that Mr. Prevatt be issued a warning. No more blogging on company time.


  • At 2:52 PM, Blogger Chris Prevatt said…

    Thanks for including this report on your blog.

    As a supervisory level employee of the County I agree that a warning would be appropriate if I had actually posted the blog on County time. Fortunately for me, I did not blog on County time so no warning would be needed. As far as viewing blogs, that is the same thing as looking at CNN, MSNBC, the LA Times or OC Register websites. If it is a problem for the county, then they should block access to those sites like they block access to hotmail, aolmail, etc. To top things off, my manager told me to monitor the blogs.


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