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Monday, November 06, 2006

Art Olivier For Governor

I hate to do this, but this post has been gnawing away at me for awhile and it had to be written. I want to first say that there are some good reasons to vote for Arnold Schwarzeneggar for Governor, but there are a lot more reasons to vote against him and for Art Olivier in my opinion.

First the good reasons:

Arnold has helped energize the GOTV effort with his 48 statewide Victory offices. The campaign operation and execution has been world class. He's going to have coattails for some of the downticket races. He has raised a lot of $$$ for the party and the GOTV operation. He will be a decent goalie for all the liberal/hippie/socialistic bills continuing to flow out of the Legislature. He's not Phil Angelides. All of these are good reasons to vote for him.

Next the bad:

Where to begin here. He renounced support for Prop 187, pro amnesty for illegals, announced opposition to Prop 90, he's in favor of the horrible bond initiatives, excessive spending, not controlling rate of gov. growth, Susan Kennedy, signed the huge global warming job killer bill, increased minimum wage, appointed Democrats to fill judgeships, etc.

The ugly:

This last year was just a wholesale sellout to Republican principles. We might as well have not recalled Gray Davis because we're getting the same thing out of Arnold right now that Gray Davis was doing.

I was prepared to be pragmatic and actually vote for Arnold if the polls looked a little tighter per a deal I have with Arnold Victory 06 staffer Todd Craney. Since however he is going to win in a landslide, I am free to vote my conscience and punch the electronic chad for Art Olivier. So to all my Republican friends who are torn who to vote for and may not want to admit in a public forum who they are voting for.....just remember, it's a SECRET BALLOT! Vote your conscience on this one and show AS how disappointed you are in him as Governor. Maybe if he sees a large enough protest vote like this, he will remember what it means to be a Republican.


  • At 1:29 PM, Anonymous Christopher Gilbertsom said…

    Where are the coattails???


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