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Monday, June 05, 2006

Predictions For Tomorrow

There really is nothing on the ballot tomorrow that energizes me to vote, but I always make sure to do my civic duty and cast my ballot. Let's start on the other side of the aisle with the Democratic nomination for governor. It's a tossup. The latest Field poll and Survey USA polls show basically a dead heat right now. I think Angiledes will edge out a victory over Steve Westly, but it won't be by much. In the end I think the Dem establishment will have the better ground game for Angiledes and he will go on to get his ass kicked by Arnold in November. I like Garamundi over Liz Figeroa for Lt Gov, Jerry Brown over Rocky Delgadillo for AG, Joe Dunn for Controller, no clue who is running for Dem Treasurer...Lockyear I guess??? Oh well.

On the GOP side, Arnold faces token opposition for his renomination for governor, but I will not be voting for him tomorrow as a protest against his Democrat values. Nevertheless, he will win big tomorrow IMO. For Lt. Gov I love Tom McClintock and what he stands for. I wish he would have been at the top of the ticket. Chuck Poochigian has no opposition and will skate to the GOP nomination for AG. I like Tony Strickland over Abel Maldanado. Steve Poizner will win the nod for Insurance dude/czar. I think Claude Parish will prevail over Keith Richman. I like Michelle Steel to upset Ray Haynes for Board of Equalization.

Locally, the most important race in the county is also the most interesting IMO. I think Mike Carona will win a plurality of the vote tomorrow, but he will fall short of outright victory. Bill Hunt I believe will outpoll Ralph Martin for second place and then it will be a battle royale in November for who will be Sheriff. I think Lou Correa will get the nod over Tom Umberg. I'll be voting for Chuck Devore for 70th Assembly, John Campbell for 48th CD...speaking of who was in the OC Register Business section over the weekend pictured looking at Ferraris with his son down in Newport Beach(pssst hey Congressman...is that you I hear screaming out of the Shady Canyon gates every now and then LOL). I'm abstaining in the special election for the 35th Senate District(I may write in Phil Paule....who knows). I will absolutely not be voting for Tom Harmon period. Mike LeBeau will win for Assessor. I think John Moorlach is going to mop the floor over Dave Shawver(I wish I could vote for John, but unfortunately Bill Campbell is my rep on the BOS. You know, the guy that sold out to the unions along with Jim Silva!). Speaking of Jim Silva, I think Mike McGill will win the nod in the 67th AD over union lackeys Jim Silva and Diane Harmon. Even though he has no chance against DiFi in November, I will be voting for Dick Mountjoy for US Senate.

Lastly, I have a lot of friends running for Central Committee here in the 70th district. There is a record number of candidates running in this race. I think 12 or 13 overall and the GOP voters get to pick up to six of them. In no particular order, I will be voting for Chris Vliss(great guy), Jon Fleischman, Tom Fuentes, Tim Redwine, Lee Lowrey, and Jeff Corless.


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