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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bill Hunt For Sheriff

This endorsement is really a no brainer for me. Today I am endorsing Lt. Bill Hunt for the office of Orange County Sheriff. There are a lot of reasons to vote against the current "little sheriff" of the office(that would be Mike Carona), but I still needed a reason to vote for someone else. Luckily Lt. Hunt stood up and decided to run for Sheriff to bring integrity back to the office. I really never paid much attention to local races in the past. Usually if the incumbent was running and wasn't tainted by a scandal, I would blindly vote for the person because he is the incumbent. We don't have that luxury right now in the race for Sheriff. I also want to thank Commander Ralph Martin for a spirited run. It basically came down to a choice between the two of these fine public servants for me. In the end I think it was Bill's local experience as deputy that made the difference for me. I'm not expecting any miracles to turn the department around, but I do expect the Sheriff to act with a little more discretion and decorum while in the public eye. I can't say that about the current Sheriff. Mr. Carona at times the last few years has been a walking hard on to use a blunt term, but enough about that. I don't want to talk about about mob donations, illicit affairs, guns & badges for campaign contributions, poor judgment calls, missed leadership opportunities, a term limit pledge, and sexual harassment allegations anymore. I want to focus on the future. A vote for Bill Hunt is a vote for fresh change for Sheriff.


  • At 2:19 PM, Blogger Chaz Lamrusco said…

    I'm definately not voting for Carona either, and I'm appaled at the local GOP for blindly supporting him.

    I'm trying to decide between Hunt and Martin. Does either have more management experience? The Sheriff Union endorsement for Hunt scares me a little.

  • At 4:22 PM, Blogger Allan Bartlett said…

    I hear you about the unions, but it's always seemed to me that the sheriff's unions have been the most benign of most unions generally speaking. I never had a chance to meet or hear Ralph Martin so that played into my decision as well. Bill is a straight shooter and will bring honest leadership back to the department.


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