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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Weekend Roundup

What a weekend. I'm finally home after two days of political and Superbowl parties. Last night Lynn and I went up to a party with some Los Angeles county GOPers up in Palos Verdes. I had a chance to meet and speak with Janet Nguyen about her upcoming race against Jim Righeimer. She has already raised a nice chunk of money and the race has barely just started. She is going to be a formidable opponent. She told me about her efforts to lead the Garden Grove City Council on the issue of illegal immigration. Isn't it funny how one man, Jim Gilchrist, has brought attention and lit political fires under a couple of local municipalities already with more waiting to start in the wings on the issue of illegal immigration. It is a testament to the power of this issue. I saw this morning how our Sheriff, Barney Fife Carona is even joining this runaway bandwagon. It's to bad that he's to tainted as a candidate to do much good about it. He's going to be having his problems going forward as the Jaramillo trial and FBI/Grand Jury investigations move forward.

Speaking of Mike "Barney Fife" Carona, his opponent Bill Hunt was also at the party working the room for signatures in lieu and donations. It was interesting talking to these LA County GOPers, even they know that Mike Carona has gotten himself into hot water recently.

Also at the party was none other than man himself Mr. Gilchrist. Jim and some of the Minutemen are heading back to DC this week to meet with Congressmen and Senators about the upcoming debate in the Senate on the immigration bill pending before the body. I spoke to Jim about his future and what it may hold for him. He hasn't made any decisions yet on what if any office he intends to run for. He wants to concentrate right now on growing the Minutemen and holding our Reps accountable. I couldn't agree more.

I spent the balance of my weekend up at a buddies house in Long Beach today watching the Steelers win their fifth Superbowl. It wasn't the most entertaining game I've ever watched, but it's the Superbowl. I wouldn't miss it. I have to give props to Madison Avenue for some outstanding commercials too. The last few years has been pretty bad for them, but this year they stepped it up a few notches. Most of the Budweiser ones were hilarious. You had the baby horse thinking he was pulling the coach, the guys on the roof watching the game, click here to view them all. The Career Builders.com office scene with all the monkeys and donkeys was hilarious. The Nationwide Insurance onewith Fabio steering the gondola and then morphing into an old man was classic. You had a few bad ones as usual also. The one with the Cadillac Escalade appearing out the water was stupid.


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