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Sunday, January 29, 2006

OC Blogosphere Update

Today at 11:30am, Jubal of OC Blog will be a guest on Rick Reiff's KOCE show. This should be an interesting interview. His face is going to be in the shadow and his voice digitaly altered. I posted a few weeks ago some thoughts on who I think are the bloggers on OC Blog. Jubal is either Mike Schroeder or John Lewis IMO.

The next story is about The Flashreport and Jon Fleischman. It comes via the San Francisco Chronicle. Jon is a big player in California politics now because he is seen as credible and very fair. I will agree with that for the most part. Jon does have one huge blindspot though. It's obvious to most that Mike Carona has had, let's say some huge "challenges" the last few years in office. Jon works for the Sheriff as a spokesman for him. There have been some negative articles about the Sheriff the last few months and Jon has chosen to put his head in the sand on these. He has not posted any links to these negative artyicles in his Orange County section. I find this very troubling Jon. I give the guy credit for loyalty, but it's obvious Jon. You're compromised on your ability to be credible on this race because of your capacity as a Carona employee.

*******************11:46AM UPDATE*********************

I have to commend KOCE for that really bad shadow they had on Jubal because you could easily tell that Jubal was none other than Matt Cunningham! I was wrong again about it being John Lewis and Mike Schroeder. Matt does work for former State Senator John Lewis, so I was on the right track. Matt, you have created a great blog at OC Blog. Keep up the great work even though you are public now.


  • At 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    And he's a sycophant for Darrell Issa, which is another big strike against him.


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